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“This trip has been immensely valuable and I know it's going to be exponential growth from here on out, because once you have the strategies, it's stuff you can't unlearn. And you end the trip feeling like you actually have brothers. There's no price you can put on that.”



"The neat part about it was feeling over the course of a couple days, in every single thing we did, how much more I tapped into that; stepping up, being a man, trusting myself, moving forward, going first, pushing the envelope. It was a new experience and a new space for me."


Business Strategist

"I felt really connected with the other brothers. I felt empowered and inspired to have more impact, more influence; on my family, my clients, the world around me, and my community. It enhanced my ability to impact people in a positive way, be a mentor, be an influence, be a leader."