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Adventure Masterminds




the Right Place.

If you're a driven, ambitious leader, a man looking to break out of your comfort zone alongside like-minded men motivated to excel in every area of their lives—thrive in business, have amazing, passionate relationships, and create success and winning for those around them—you’re in the right place

go boldly.

Our “Adventure Masterminds” allow you to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Away from the stress and pressures of the office and family… Away from your inbox and constant distractions…

So you can reconnect with your Natural Man. Your Wild Man.
And go boldly into the unknown.

a man on purpose.

You’ll learn strategies to eliminate stress, focus, and tap more deeply into the man you are. You’ll return a stronger, more confident and more inspiring leader in your business.
A more deeply connected and passionate husband or boyfriend.
An ideal role model as a father.

A man who is part of a brotherhood.

A man on purpose.

“What I love most about this is the camaraderie of fellow men also looking to improve themselves and their lives. And implementing the strategies into my daily life is going to help me improve as a man overall.

Get out there and see how amazing this is and how life-changing it can be for you.”

-- Rich H.

US Army Special Forces, 19 years active duty

our next adventure: ONE-DAY BOLDMEN CHALLENGE

On November 11th, Test Your Limits, Face Your Fears, and Come Out the Other Side Bigger, Bolder, and Badder!

Ropes Challenge Course


A One-Day High Ropes Course Bootcamp designed to help you conquer and dominate your fears and limitations. You'll leave this event more confident, more fearless, and ready to take on any challenge!


Looking to face your core fears and conquer them? Build mental and physical toughness? This is for you…


I challenge you to join a group of committed, like-minded men in a one-day Bootcamp that’s all about finding your Courage within, conquering your fears and crushing them into dust—while building strong bonds of brotherhood.


I'm talking about a no-nonsense, full-throttle, all-day Bootcamp that's gonna push you to the limits and beyond.

We're going to be diving headfirst into a high ropes challenge course that's gonna have you laser focused on pushing past your fears, and a climbing wall that's gonna make you question everything you thought you couldn't do.


It's an opportunity to go all-in, unleash your Beast, and punch fear right in the mouth.

Do not miss this opportunity to come out the other side a bolder, more confident, and more capable man


FAU Campus, Boca Raton FL



Nov 11, 2023

9:30a - 2:00p (Lunch included)


Registration ends Oct 30, 2023


Individual: $395  (BOLDMEN Brothers get a $50 discount. Contact me for the code.)

Bring a Buddy: $590 (Sign up with a buddy and you both get $100 off)



A limited number of men are allowed on the course at a time, so this trip has limited tickets available. So don't wait, grab yours now!


Remember, the registration deadline is Sept 10th

“How often do you get a few days to completely shut out all the outside noise of your business, your kids, your relationships, your social life... and just focus on things that will benefit you, and all the people around you? It was truly a fantastic experience.”

-- Allen L.

Owner, Digital marketing agency

It's about building a brotherhood of exceptional men

I know that right now many of you are looking for a community. For a group of like-minded men driven to constantly better themselves. To constantly challenge themselves. Hold themselves and each other accountable...
and be there for each other as brothers.
BOLDMEN Adventures builds that lifelong brotherhood.

what men are saying about boldmen adventures

“This trip has been immensely valuable and I know it's going to be exponential growth from here on out, because once you have the strategies, it's stuff you can't unlearn. And you end the trip feeling like you actually have brothers. There's no price you can put on that.”



"The neat part about the event was feeling over the course of a couple days, in every single thing we did, how much more I tapped into stepping up, being a man, trusting myself, moving forward, going first, pushing the envelope. It was a new experience and a new space for me."


Business Strategist

"I felt really connected with the other brothers. I felt empowered and inspired to have more impact, more influence; on my family, my clients, the world around me, and my community. It enhanced my ability to impact people in a positive way, be a mentor, be an influence, be a leader."



some of our recent adventures


GLACIER NATionaL PARK, MT - June 2021 

A Note from Eric Rogell

Hey Brothers…

For the last 20 years, I have been focused on peeling away the over-civilization that worked to make me fit in.

Because there was something inside me that rebelled against that.

I now know it was my inner Wild Man calling me to get up from that chair and get the hell outside...

Push limits. Get some battle scars. Go beyond what I thought was I was able to do. Go beyond my own fears and limited expectations. Tap back into that Wild Man who had been locked away.

Since then I’ve made the decision to find great men to be mentors and role models. Men I am honored to have in my life.

As a men’s lifestyle journalist I was able to travel around the world and do things like hike the Maʹunga Terevaka volcano on Easter Island, kayak the lagoons of Bora Bora, climb the red rocks of Nevada, and (my favorite) throw back shots of Jager suspended 150-feet above the crowd at the Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival.

A long, long way from that quiet chair and comfort zone.

I invite you to do the same for yourself.

To be deliberately uncomfortable and challenge yourself. To get reconnected to the Wild Man in you, alongside a group of other committed men who want the same—to step into your greatness as a leader, brother, husband, and father.

It’s up to you to decide…

Have a question or want to organize an adventure for your group or company?

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